We use scientific theories and statistical procedures to model and predict the acceptance and adoption of consumer technologies that are currently under development.

Additionally, we investigate whether existing products and technologies may be extended and diversified to serve user groups and market segments beyond those they already serve. In addition, our findings can provide useful benchmarks for future development initiatives. Our models and predictions can be based on existing data or may involve collecting relevant data.


We can analyze existing data, no matter how small or large. We am an expert in formulating relevant questions that can be answered with data.

We can uncover and visualize patterns and structures in the data that provide key insight to drive business and product decisions. We can provide support for designing and developing data driven products, such as recommendations systems.


We plan and conduct studies that can evaluate the effectiveness of different design alternatives via input from real users. In software development, this approach is known as A/B testing, where two design solutions (‘A’ and ‘B’) are compared on various metrics, such as usability, efficiency, user experience, purchases, loyalty, etc.

We integrate the A/B testing concept as live and continuous design experiments where deployed solutions are continually improved based on user data and feedback.


User and Market research are extremely important in today’s fast-paced technological landscape. Solutions designed based on user research and market segmentation have a greater chance for successful adoption.

We offer user and market research with a quantitative focus that includes online surveys, telemetry, and empirical studies. We have several years of in-depth experience in understanding user needs and requirements and translating them into practically deployed solutions that are successful in the marketplace.


Innovative and technologically-challenging projects can (partly) be funded through several programmes and agencies. There are various international and national programmes that support research and development in organizations. We have broad experience in applying for research and development funding and in the execution and accounting of funded projects.

We support in choosing the right thematic funding program and scheme and support in creating a competitive and polished application. We assist in setting up project structures and in administrative and financial questions.